Wedding Season

Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing and no doubt that your calendar is full up for the upcoming weekends. Which also means you will be spending countless hours staring blankly at your closet wondering what the heck you’re going to wear and how to style your look.
 No matter how simple your wedding outfit may be, you can always glam it up in the jewellery department.
Luckily for you guys, we have the perfect jewellery for every occasion.
Whether you’re going to the classic wedding, or you're making a quick dash overseas for that dream destination wedding(secretly hoping to find a European date on the side ;-)
Here are just a few ideas of the different types of wedding you may be attending this season and some great jewellery ideas – no doubt you’ll be looking amazing, without outshining the bride!

I love these types of weddings – who am I kidding, I love every wedding!                  Pair your outfit with a piece (or pieces) from Lindi Kingi’s Halo range. This beautiful, delicate and romantic range, has the perfect amount of sparkle and detail to give your outfit an understated look but still glam.                                                              The diamond cut and white topaz features will be sure to reflect when those fairy lights (you know they’ll be there) shine!



                   The lights and stars really set the tone for an evening wedding.The darkness of the night will let any jewellery stand out, so you can really afford to wear mixed metals for this occasion, so you can’t go wrong with some pieces from Boh Runga's Stargazers collection.

I find that there’s something romantic about a starry night, and if the stars don’t come out to play for whatever reason, then at least you’ll be there shining bright!



Who doesn’t love a good destination wedding!? (Except maybe your bank account?) Lets say, for blogs sake, your destination wedding is in the Mediterranean (dreams are free) Make sure you opt for a light outfit so that you don’t pass out from the heat. Most importantly, don’t forget to pack some gold jewellery with you! Then you’ll shine just like the Mediterranean sunset and you’ll for sure make a statement!

I’m absolutely LOVING my Karma deco earrings in gold at the moment and they would look amazing for this type of the Boh Runga gold lil stackers for a lil extra shine.



For a beach wedding, it would only be fitting to wear a piece from  A Drop in the Ocean.There’s no better feeling than the warm sand beneath your feet at a wedding  –Droplet designs are also available in gold and rose gold.



If your mates aspire for that luxury life and are having a super chic black tie wedding that will rival Kimye’s, then look no further than the Lindi Kingi Deluxe Afterlight collection, it  pairs super well with black attire and the diamond cut texture catches the light at every angle so you’ll be sure to shine! – and be sure to enjoy that expensive champagne!





For a classic wedding, you can’t go past the forever popular Feather Kisses range by Boh Runga. Every piece is different so there is literally something for everyone here, and it suits all kinds of weddings all year round. So if you want a standard piece that you can wear to every one of your wedding excursions, go for this range, you won’t be disappointed!


enjoy the season of love 

xx Hannah