About Us

The Mint Republic and its team of Designers, Boh Runga, Lindi Kingi & Gala Darling love designing jewellery for you to fall in love with.
Creating pieces with meaning, exceptional quality, beautiful packaging and a fashion focus is what the team at The Mint Republic pride itself on.
We love giving you the opportunity to purchase products from a proudly NZ owned and operated company.
Formerly New Zealand Mint Jewellery, The Mint Republic's founder Rachel Warren saw potential in the brands and designers whilst managing New Zealand Mint Jewellery, when an opportunity arose for Rachel to take ownership of the business and reinvent it as an exclusive jewellery company- The Mint Republic, she grabbed it with both hands.
The Mint Republic has sensational retailers all over New Zealand and they love helping you find that perfect piece. 
Whether a piece of jewellery to add to your daily wardrobe, or something to mark a special moment, The Mint Republic has a design that make shopping for something precious easy. 
Please feel free to contact our team admin@themintrepublic.com