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Boh Runga

Boh Runga

Established New Zealand jewellery designer Boh Runga first captured our heartstrings 8 years ago with her inaugural and innovative ‘Birdland’ collection.

Since then, Boh Runga has collaborated with The Mint Republic team to produce 11 collections under her name, each with its own story and inspiration.

“I like to think of stories for each of my collections, basing my designs on a fable or a legend to bring each individual piece special life and meaning,” says Boh.

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Lindi Kingi

Lindi Kingi

Lindi Kingi’s collections are born of a love for the eclectic, the exotic and the precious.

For a number of years Lindi’s fans have been asking her for a precious metals version of her fabulous design combinations. The first collection, named ‘The Archetype’ features a selection of Lindi’s most popular charms, and all able to be mixed and matched to be worn your way.

Alchemy- Lindi’s second foray into precious metals is a wearable, affordable collection based on Alchemy - A form of chemistry and philosophy concerned with changing base metals into precious ones, finding a universal remedy and an elixir of life a touch of warmth was added to Alchemy with the addition of “Ember” in hues of gold and rose gold.

Lindi Kingi Deluxe is the perfect graduation to the next level for this much loved accessories designer.

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Gala Darling

Gala Darling

Gala Darling says jewellery is everyday magic.

Her collections truly are a representation of this fun sassy gal, hailing from NZ, making it in the big smoke. Gala’s unrelenting devotion to positivity and magic has earned her cult celebrity status and rabid fans all over the globe, from India to Sweden.

From the massive number of hits her website www.galadarling.com garners on a monthly basis to her legendary “Things I Love Thursday’ lists, as well as daily doses of imagery and inspiration, this writer, nomad and international playgirl easily transfers her enthusiasm for life into fashionable, wearable designs.

Gala’s first collection Moxie is about how we can harness the power of language to help us construct reality, with a selection of enchanting words inscribed on each piece.

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