Collection: REPUBLIC ROAD SCENT | RESILIENT - Sweet, Spicy & Clean

Top notes: Muscade, Black Pepper & Burn Incense immediately allude to complexity

Mid notes: Agilawood creates lightness with its fruity and sweet aroma,whilst Labdanum is deep and powerful 

Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedar & Amber add depth and warmth 

The Resilient

You are the enduring, the content & the withstanding.

Your journey is a testament to your strength of character & your ability to enjoy the road to your destination & our Resilient fragrance captures this perfectly. 

Top notes of Muscade, Black Pepper & Burn Incense immediately allude to your complexity, hinting at all of the layers that have made you who you are today

Agilawood creates lightness- challenging your growth with its fruity and sweet aroma,whilst Labdanum is deep and powerful (just like you! ) 

Just like some of the dark and winding roads you have travelled, substance and depth is what has got you through - Sandalwood, Cedar & Amber represent all you can withstand. 

Appreciate how far you have come.