• Modern Classic - By Boh Runga

    Modern Classic - By Boh Runga

  • Feather Kisses - By Boh Runga

  • Alchemy - By Lindi Kingi

    Alchemy - By Lindi Kingi

  • Halo - By Lindi Kingi

    Halo - By Lindi Kingi

  • Stargazers - By Boh Runga

    Stargazers - By Boh Runga

  • Symmetry - By Lindi Kingi

    Symmetry - By Lindi Kingi

The Mint Republic presents some of your favourite jewellery and accessories designers, Boh Runga, Lindi Kingi and Gala Darling.

 A hub of collaboration and creativity, where designers develop modern essentials that are perfect for collecting, stacking, giving and treasuring.
If you believe that jewellery can be more than just adornment, that pieces that you choose are not just precious in metal, but in sentiment and style, then you are sure to enjoy some time selecting something special. 
Made from the highest quality metals, with the craftsmanship of a perfectionist, we look forward to seeing our designs become some of your favourites.

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