Collection: REPUBLIC ROAD SCENT | RECKLESS - Feminine, Delicious, Addictive

Top notes: Tea, Bergamot & Olive Leaf jump out. 

Mid notes Florals - Neroli, Freesia, Rose Jasmine and Orchid 

Base notes of Patchouli, Musk Caramel & Amber add sweet depth & substance. 

The Reckless 

You are the go getters, the risk takers and the curious….. 

Your journey is filled with moments of fun and excitement, & our Reckless fragrance captures this perfectly. 

Top notes of Tea, Bergamot & Olive Leaf excitedly jump out at you, just like our Reckless muse planning her next adventure. 

The floral mid notes of Neroli, Freesia, Rose Jasmine and Orchid evoke feelings of anticipation, of places you will go on your journey, travel, late nights and romances yet to come.  

Just like our Reckless muse the base notes of Patchouli, Musk Caramel & Amber remind us that there is just as much depth and substance to you as there is flighty & fun filled freshness!