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Eau De Parfum - Reckless *Custom Pour

Eau De Parfum - Reckless *Custom Pour

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Introducing the Republic Road Scent Essentials Eau De Parfum Sprays – your new go-to for long-lasting fragrance .

Crafted with care and right here in NZ,  our Eau De Parfum sprays are designed to envelop you in a captivating scent journey that lasts all day.

Made with beautiful fragrance oil blends and using sugar cane-derived pure undenatured alcohol, our Eau De Parfums are not just about smelling good – they're about feeling good too.

We pour our fragrances to order, guaranteeing unmatched freshness of your fragrance.

Each spray embodies the essence of Republic Road's signature scents, carefully curated to evoke emotions and memories with every mist of these delightful fragrances. 

  • RECKLESS: Feminine, delicious, and addictive.
  • RESOLUTE: Luxurious, aromatic, and comforting sweet.
  • RESILIENT: Spicy, clean, and invigorating.
  • ILLUMINATE: Magnetic, woody, and musky.
  • MIRER: Citrusy, bold, with a stunning floral bouquet.
  • REVIVAL: Green, fresh, with a young woody undertone.

Our Eau De Parfum sprays are not only perfect for wearing solo but also ideal to layer or top up with our roller ball fragrances throughout the day (although these last beautifully on the skin you might not need to!

Affordable and accessible, these sprays are your everyday luxury – a treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Let your scent journey begin with Republic Road, our fragrances serve as a scented reminder of how special and awesome you are!

Made In New Zealand 


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