Collection: REPUBLIC ROAD SCENT | ILLUMINATE - Magnetic, Woody & Musky

Top notes of Cardamom, sweet with underlying spice 

Mid notes Black Pepper & soft Violet 

Base notes of Sandal, Musk, Orris, Cedarwood, a perfectly balanced unisex everyday fragrance. 


You are the unyielding. Through all your hardships, you never cease to let a speck of darkness dim your light, instead, you let it illuminate your road ahead. 

Top notes of Cardamom give a first impression of your sweetness, but the underlying spice is a hint of the grit and determination of your spirit 

Yet it is the mid notes that really give us a peek into who you are, the Black Pepper shows you are strong enough to lift yourself up, yet the soft femininity of Violet is like a hint of light on a dark cold night. 

Base notes of Sandal, Musk, Orris, Cedarwood evoke feelings of safety, security and warmth and give us a deep understanding of your courage to encounter whatever dark road is before you. 

Remember - after the darkness comes the light