6 tips to help you layer necklaces like a pro!

6 tips to help you layer necklaces like a pro!

Layering your necklaces has long been a way for us jewellery lovers to cram more of our jewellery collections into everyday life, and this trend is here to stay!

Check out some of our favourite tips to help you layer your necklaces like a pro!

Tip 1: Layer in levels - keep the finest or most delicate pieces

closest to the neck, or as the highest layer.

Where your necklaces have chain extensions (sizer rings) use these to wear at just the right length, sizing rings are awesome for making your necklaces multitask.

Tip 2: Mix metals

Don’t be afraid to wear mixed metals in your necklace layers, a stylish way to intro the mix of metals is by wearing a necklace that already mixes metals for you in the design (like our WILD Lariat, 5 Leaf Choker or Mini Leaf necklaces

Tip 3: add a plain chain into a necklace stack, long or short, fine or chunky a plain chain should be part of your jewellery collection always!

Tip 4: Coin /discs necklaces add an instant bohemian feel, the Solaris necklaces from Lindi Kingi’s Deluxe range have a hammered texture that catches the light and adds an awesome detail to any necklace stack, or the Mirer Marvel necklace has an incredible liquid like texture that adds a focal point to your layering + keep an eye out for a new ingot style design launching in November!

Tip 5: Rock a gemstone, or tiny charm that is personal to you, like our garnet necklace, great for January babes, the  Sapphire in our Free to Roam Necklace for September sisters or Citrine for our November girls or any one of our cute charms available in the Lindi Kingi Deluxe Everyday Range.

Tip 6: Play with extreme lengths, chain gauges, styles



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