Republic Road Capsule | Scent Essentials

At Republic Road we know life is a journey with a whole lot of twists and turns, and we created this brand to reflect you - our Muses as you travel on life's road. 

In order to keep moving through the seasons,  sometimes simplifying aspects of your life is the ultimate in self care. 

This inspired us to create the Republic Road Capsules, it all started with jewellery in 2017, and we are so excited to bring you a little more of the Republic Road style.

In 2021 we designed something special to celebrate our journey, no matter how challenging!

Republic Road hand-poured soy candles have been created to reflect our Republic Road muses and their journey perfectly, each fragrance beautifully captures a place, a moment in time, evoking memories or reminding each of us of the power of moments along life's road. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and our beautiful scented candles follow the Republic Road design ethos, high quality, capsule items for living your journey everyday. 

The vessel for these fragrances is beautifully understated, with clean lines of classic white with touch of black - this design will find a space within any home decor.

We can't wait for you to try them! 

Republic Road Capsule | Scent Essentials