Encouragement Self Love and Kindness with Jess from Tan in the City

Encouragement Self Love and Kindness with Jess from Tan in the City

Continuing our Birthday month 2021 (March is The Mint Republic’s Birthday month!) theme

We spoke to some of our favourite people who we believe embody our Republic Road muse characteristics (Reckless, Resolute & Resilient ) 

We wanted to speak positively to women and remind them just how amazing they are, that life is a journey and that you can be brave and yourself as you embark on that road.

The tanning business is all about feeling (and looking) your best. 

Jess from Tan in the City and Black Magic Tan has made it her mission to make women feel on top of the world - and all it takes is an expertly applied spray tan!!

With two beautiful tanning salons in Remuera and Ponsonby, Jess is spreading more and more of these good sun inspired vibes every day. 

Go check out the Tan in the City here 

to buy Black Magic Tan to use at home - visit here 



My favourite quote : 

What is meant for you wont go past you.

The words I speak to myself when I need to give myself some love, or be kind to myself?

You got this!! 

How would I encourage another when the road is a little bumpy? 

I would tell them ‘Believe in yourself, when you make it  "out the other side" you will be so much stronger and for it’ 

Any other tips for self -love and kindness?  

be kind to yourself in your journey and remember to ask for help from those around you! 

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