A Wardrobe Edit with an EXPERT

A Wardrobe Edit with an EXPERT

I  don’t know about any of you out there, but when I became a mum, while I gained such a gorgeous and amazing new part of life, with late nights, early mornings and a constant companion, I lost the ability to see my wardrobe as anything other than to create the comfiest way to do life…

After becoming a (working) mum, felt like I had no idea how to dress or who I was dressing for. 

Relying heavily on my ability to apply makeup (former makeup artist me saves the day!) I rarely focussed on putting an outfit together and rather just add a red lip, bold smoky eye, (not together lol!) a pair of amazing gold hoops or a statement necklace and just hope that my ‘accessories” would do the talking!

Don’t get me wrong, this laid back (whilst thankfully somewhat expert) way of fluking my way to a styled look has carried me through many client meetings, public speaking events and nights out, it has gotten to the point where I needed to really reassess this ad hoc way of dressing for life!

That and the fact that I had recently really begun to think about how many clothes I own, and the quality of them, I had a real desire to begin to purchase a wardrobe that was well made, consciously designed and not fashion for fashions sake – after all this is the underlying ethos we have when designing our jewellery ranges, how strange it seems that I never prioritised this in relation to my wardrobe!

So instead of trying to undertake this wardrobe edit alone, I decided to book an expert

I got in touch with Caityln Taylor from Chasing Cait, who booked me in for a morning edit session.

Not only is Cait a trained and experienced stylist, but she is also has two small children, so I figured she would get the #momlife side pretty well.

From here Caitlyn quickly got to work, helping me understand and highlight my favourite parts of myself (the ones that always get left out of the self-critical look over ) and gave me some awesome tips as to why I always feel so uncomfortable or frumpy in certain clothes or design shapes.

The ‘keep’, ‘maybe’, and ‘toss’ piles quickly grew and it was a really no nonsense way to get through a wardrobe clean out…(hopefully I’m not the only one who cleans out their wardrobe only to rehang everything a couple of months later while searching for something to wear! )

Once we had decided well and truly on what was staying Cait made quick work of photographing outfit options – which with shoe, accessory and minor adjustments ended up being over 80!!

She has sent me a pdf of all of these and highlighted the very few gaps that need filling has a list of the best options and where to buy them from.

Still I love to add accessories, scarves, bags and of course jewellery and I have loved slowly working through each of the outfits and adding the “extra” touches that make them me!

Check out some of my faves below


Featuring the below Mint Republic Jewellery in gold finish

The Guide Lariat Necklace 

The Winding Road Bangle 

The High Road Band 

Jacket Earrings

Featuring the below Mint Republic Jewellery 

LKD Solaris Solstice Pendant 

LKD Hammered Star Necklace 

Mirer Marvel Studs 

The Winding Road Bangle 

Middle of the Road Band 

All in Silver

LKD Sunflake Earrings 

LKD Solstice Necklace

Wild HeartSpace 5 Leaf Necklace 


Muse Ring Capsule 

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