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It is quick and easy to place a quick order below. 

To note: 

When you first land on this page (after logging in ) wholesale prices will not appear UNTIL you have entered a quantity for an item - after this the entire range should show the wholesale price. 

The pricing you see here is INCLUSIVE of GST - (due to the platform we run the wholesale through)

We will always supply a normal invoice with your order which includes pricing exclusive of GST for your records. 

The FREE shipping over $75 on our website does not apply to wholesale orders - this will be added to your invoice at time of shipping. 

You can order and pay straight away online however if you would like your order on our normal 7 day terms, please kindly select BANK DEPOSIT as a payment method and we will ensure that you are invoiced with these payment terms. 

If you would like to add anything or any notes to your order please do so at check out. 

This is section is only accessible by Wholesale customers.

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