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Fragrance Dabble - Trial Size 1ml Set of 6

Fragrance Dabble - Trial Size 1ml Set of 6

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Embark on a journey of discovery with Republic Road's 1ml 'Fragrance Dabbles' these are an ultra mini vial of our best selling fragrance oils for you to try before you commit with all your heart to your favourite scent!

+ every purchase of our dabbles receives a voucher code to redeem $15 off your first full sized purchase! 

Housed in a 1ml glass vial,  'dabbles' are available in each of our best-selling scents distilled into petite vials for your exploration.

So you get to try 6 fragrances & then you can commit to your favourite too your with your $15 discount! 🙌

This is the perfect way to try Republic Road's most beloved fragrances, and these little vials act as a scent sample for our roller fragrances, but also gets your nose across the scents so that you could choose our from our candles, reed diffusers, car diffusers & Eau de Parfum too! 

Our scent essentials collection has been created to reflect our Republic Road muses and their journey through life perfectly, each fragrance beautifully captures a place, a moment in time, evoking memories or reminding each of us of the power of moments along life's road, and as a scented reminder of how awesome you are! 

  • RECKLESS: Feminine, delicious, and addictive.
  • RESOLUTE: Luxurious, aromatic, and comforting sweet.
  • RESILIENT: Spicy, clean, and invigorating.
  • ILLUMINATE: Magnetic, woody, and musky.
  • MIRER: Citrusy, bold, with a stunning floral bouquet.
  • REVIVAL: Green, fresh, with a young woody undertone.

Experience the luxury of choice as you sample each fragrance.

Perfect for testing new scents or gifting to loved ones, our mini vials invite you to explore, experiment, and embrace the transformative power of scent.

Ready to embark on your olfactory adventure? Grab your 'dabbles' today 

Shop now and be on the road to discovering your signature scent!


Our Scent Essentials roller ball fragrances are perfect for a life lived on the road, compact, simple and ready for the next journey always! 

Roller balls are ideal for handbags - small and compact yet ever present and readily available to use throughout the day! 

House in a simple glass vial with a white lid.

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Care & Use Instructions

Simply apply to pulse points, wrists, neck, etc 

Fragrance Blend | Almond Oil 


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