The Mint Republic 1st Birthday

It's Our Birthday!

March is our Birthday at The Mint Republic!

We can hardly believe it ourselves, that a year has passed since we took over the jewellery business from NZ Mint. It sure has been a crazy year for us, with all our designers producing and showing new collections under The Mint Republic umbrella.

We started off the year with the release of ‘Alchemy Ember’ by Lindi Kingi Deluxe. The collection was an extension of her original ‘Alchemy’ range, but produced with gold and rose gold flash plating. The warm toned jewels, with the classic Lindi Kingi edge, were the perfect accessory coming into winter!


Our girl Boh expanded her ranges by producing some of her bestselling pieces in Gold and Rose Gold. The ever popular ‘Feather Kisses’, ‘Lotus’ and ‘Droplets’ in the years’ hottest hue were a huge hit with our stores and customers! -  proving that the rose gold trend is here to stay!


Also brought out by Boh, not long after, were the mega cute new packaging options for earrings and rings. These little boxes wer a favourite among Boh fans and were such an awesome addition to everyone’s collection.


 New Zealand Fashion week in August rolled around really fast with the release of Lindi Kingi Deluxe ‘Halo’ collection. The range, a little different from the Lindi Kingi we are used to seeing, focused on the idea of beauty and illumination. The elegant range consisted of beautiful white topaz and subtle texture through the classic diamond cut feature. This collection also married up well with Lindi’s own design brand (‘Lindi Kingi Design’) in her fashion week showroom. The colours of both collections were soft and a beautiful sight to see.





Gala Darling later launched her latest collection ‘Manifest’, which embodied what the Darling brand is about. ‘Manifest’ was designed as a daily reminder to help you believe in the power of visualization, and taking your dreams to the next level. The delicate chains were so beautiful and simple for everyday that it’s safe to say they became a staple in everyone’s jewellery collections.



In October Boh released her newest collection – ‘Mini Messenger’ – Which had practically sold out before it had even hit the shelves! The pieces were dainty and delicate and beautifully Kiwi, everything you’d expect from a classic Boh collection.


We are beyond happy with the success of  2015 and we cannot wait to see what the rest of 2016 brings us!















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