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Rarotonga - the relaxing "jewel" of the Pacific

Rarotonga - the relaxing "jewel" of the Pacific
With the recent re-opening of the borders between New Zealand and the Cook Islands, I started dreaming of an island holiday....
check out this blog post from SIX years ago - not long after I had bought the business and had rebranded it!!
I love reading through this, what I wonder is how much will have changed? 
I have to say March simply went by in a whirlwind!, although I have been managing the Jewellery business at NZ Mint for over three and a half years when I finally took the plunge and bought it to run as The Mint Republic nothing could prepare me for the changes and excitement and work that lay ahead.
The Mint Republic has been humming along and we are enjoying the ride, with that being said we almost forgot the four (and a bit) night holiday we had booked in Rarotonga for the last few days of March. 
There is nothing quite like arriving from the bustling pace of Auckland on a Friday night, to Rarotonga, 23 hours behind, the smell of Frangipani as you step off the plane and into the humid early morning air, all this seems to simply whisper RELAX to a busy mind and tired body.
Relax we did (to be fair there aren't too many alternatives) with days reading, napping, watching some sport at the local sports bar, eating beef wellington (seriously) and Eco- Tuk Tuk-king around the island, this is a place to really recharge the batteries. 
Must Do
Eat - there are a few must try places on Rarotonga, Vaima Restaurant this place is a long held favourite, not only has it got beautiful, relaxing on the beach dining, the menu is the bomb! who would think a beef wellington on the island of Rarotonga will be one of the most delicious things you have eaten in 'like foreva? well it blimin well is, and the staff are awesome to boot.
During the day get on your scooter and give The Mooring Fish Cafe  a try OMG the FOB sandwich is to die for - fresh caught Mahimahi, lime aioli, and a few greens to keep you happy, otherwise the salads that were coming out of the container kitchen are on my list for next time. 
if you have the pleasure of being in Raro on a Saturday head to the big metropolis of Avarua and get some serious island kai in the form of chop suey, or my personal fave ika mata (raw fish salad) 
Drink- where to start? as always a little duty free on your room balcony doesn't go astray, but if you are into something with a little more "holiday" styling then head to Crown Beach Resort and Spa between 4.30 and 6.30 for a wee "happy hour" fishbowl cocktails are optional!
Travel- if you have an adventurous heart (and a cook islands drivers license!) rent a scooter and while away the hours going round and round this 32km island - its fun, just remember to watch out for falling coconuts if you, like us are there when theres a good bit of wind on. 
if that's not your bag, give Karl and Tanya from Tik-e Tours a call and they will hook you up with a tour, or a dry ride to dinner.