5 places you should never wear your jewellery.

5 places you should never wear your jewellery.

5 places you should never wear your jewellery 

We all know that when you love something, it can be hard to part with it… but sometimes it’s in the best interests of your favourite jewellery pieces to leave them off in these 5 places


By and large jewellery, made from precious metal handles water relatively unscathed, but it the addition of all of the soaps, conditioners, body washes etc etc than has the shower/ bath on this list, if you can take your jewellery off without too much hassle, then do it- it will prolong the life of your pieces.

Without fail – take plated items off for the best chances at longevity.

Rotorua - Sulphur, natural hot springs 

Have you ever been to Rotovegas, only to look down at your favourite silver piece and wonder why its gone black?

The sulphur that is ever present in the atmosphere in Rotorua is damaging to jewellery causing a chemical reaction that stains and turns silver jewellery very dark or black.

Whilst our sterling silver pieces are plated with Rhodium (which is a noble metal that helps prevent tarnishing, it is still best to leave your silver babies home on this trip!

Swimming pool or spa 

It takes a lot of chemicals to keep a spa or swimming pool clean and free of germs for its users…and those chemicals and the alloys that make up your favourite jewellery pieces just don’t play nice together.

If you can avoid wearing your jewellery to the pools it will increase the life of your faves and gives you one less thing to think about losing at the pools.

The gym 

I don’t know about you – but I hate the feeling of jewellery on when I am working up a serious sweat, not to mention the salt and chemicals that are excreted from your skin during a workout, can react with your precious metal pieces. 

More than anything it is a fast way to having jewellery that loses its lustre from the dirt and oils and skins cells that end up settling in the links and grooves of your favourite designs.


This is probably more of a comfort thing, although there is definitely damage that can happen to certain pieces when you are out for the count.

Studs are often uncomfortable, rings can catch on your bed linens and necklaces and pendants can be uncomfortable as you slumber.

I have been able to get away with forgetting to take my sleepers out! (sleepers- the perfect jewellery to wear to sleep!)

It really is a personal preference, but your jewellery will survive better if you don’t take it to the land of nod!


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