Behind The Brand

Behind The Brand

My name is Rachel and I founded The Mint Republic in 2015, after over four years of managing a jewellery business within a business, I had the option to buy it out and create something a whole lot more special.

With the support of an amazing group of New Zealand retailers we supplied to at the time, I jumped in to a HUGE commitment of owning a designer jewellery business….

Throughout the 5 years of ownership The Mint Republic has evolved dramatically from thriving and growing, to then change and challenge me to circling back to revival and a new type of growth in 2020!

The Mint Republic, is a kiwi owned company, well known for our beautiful, wide range of precious metal jewellery, which is just as fashionable and wearable as it is meaningful and refined.

We punch above our weight, and often our customers think we are a much larger company, and while we love that assumption, the truth is we are locally owned, small and hardworking but with big ideas and a bigger heart for people.

We have always seen ourselves as a hub of collaboration and creativity.

People are at the heart of all we do – we have long lasting and trusted relationships with everyone involved in the process of creating jewellery and ultimately you wearing a piece designed by us.

It takes a village of committed people to get our designs into the marketplace and for that we are eternally grateful!

I design our range Wild -inspired by the places and spaces we inhabit, this collection is rooted in the earthy beauty of nature, simple

My younger sister Hannah is the creative mind behind our beautiful range Republic Road, each piece is beautifully personified for the wearer, and you will find these designs become favourites for both a little self love and the perfect gift for someone you care about.

Lindi Kingi is such an amazing addition to our design trio and I love collaborating with her to create her Deluxe range, fashionable, wearable and distilled to perfection, these pieces are abundant in my jewellery box.

We have an amazing group of retailers throughout New Zealand who stock our designs in their boutique locally owned stores, in addition our designs are available directly here at The Mint Republic.

Thank you for your support and loyalty – it means the world!


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