9 pieces of jewellery every woman should collect!

9 pieces of jewellery every woman should collect!

Minimalist Jewellery Capsule Wardrobe

Since a lot of us have really taken to the life changing art of tidying up over the last year I thought why not throw a simple suggestion to you that your jewellery wardrobe shouldn't be ignored in the overhaul of your home and wardrobe...after all reducing and planning your capsule pieces is so freeing, knowing what pieces truly are staples of style helps you save time and money by knowing exactly what to buy or put on your gift list!  

I have spent days and days trawling through all aspects of my life and home and reducing items within to those that spark joy or have true meaning, memory or fulfil a purpose.

This brought obviously brought me to my jewellery collection. 

As a huge part of my life, jewellery seems to find itself everywhere in my home, and I thought it was about time to really look at my jewellery collection with fresh eyes and build a capsule wardrobe of jewellery that can see me through.

Lets start with clearing out, unless of course you are holding onto something for sentimental reasons, take anything that is broken and either get quoted for repair or repurpose by a manufacturing jeweller or remove it, throw it away, trade it in (especially if its high value metal)

Assess your metals, do you wear gold, silver or rose gold tones?

What pieces do you wear every day without fail?

Are the pieces in your jewellery wardrobe comfortable to wear? Do they fit? 

From there, its time to begin to create a capsule....


There are classic pieces of jewellery that find a home in almost any wardrobe

Our gorgeous, minimal and sophisticated range of capsule pieces from Republic Road, were designed specifically for the purpose of a quality capsule collection of jewellery for the modern woman.

Take a look and see which sparks joy for you!

All pieces are made from the highest quality sterling silver, finished with rhodium or a 2micron 14k gold plate, in addition to gold plating we also have some pieces available in a14k 2 micron rose gold plate, and any of the below pieces can be custom ordered in other precious metal (ie 9ct, 14, 18ct gold, rose gold, white gold etc!)

The Simple Fine Necklace 

The Fine Line necklace is perfectly proportioned, not overpowering, or over the top. The 41cm length on a fine chain is just the ticket for everyday, or as the top of your necklace layer. 






A Multipurpose Simple Earring

The Republic Road Jacket Earrings are a game changer, there is nothing like having a capsule earring that can easily be worn from your desk to the dance floor. 

A simple bar stud, coupled with a butterfly jacket that hangs behind the lobe and adds an element of movement and fun. or wear the bar front alone, you can with the addition of the standard butterfly back – or finally couple the jacket backs with a pair of our Roundabout hoops!


A ring stack to rule

Stack each of your favourite rings from Republic Road's first collection Muse.

Each piece can be worn alone, with others in your jewellery collection or simply pile the Baby Band,the Middle of the Road Band and The High Road Band and finish the set with The Road Ring. 

Mix your metals for even greater interest.

Each ring can also be purchased separately.



A simple bar necklace

The All Bar None Choker is the perfect daily wear necklace. 

A solid well proportioned piece, this sits at the hollow of the neck on one setting or a touch lower, when you choose. – with its three sizing rings you can wear this piece at different levels – and added bonus to look for when purchasing jewellery!




Thread Earrings

You would have to have been sleeping if you have missed rebirth of threads in the last 5 years!

Threads have become such a capsule piece in our books – they pop up all over across The Mint Republic brands (like these from @lindi kingi or these from @wild BUT you cant go past having a simple and sophisticated pair like The Daily Thread. Pull halfway through the lobe for an everyday look, or further for a trailing thread. these threads are a statement in the most subtle way.


A well fitting chain bracelet

The Basically Bracelet is as simple as it is stylish, a gentle curving bar, that is strong and unwavering.

This bracelet that sits snug on the wrist, with sizing options x 3 – making it a great purchase for your jewellery capsule.





A long chain necklace

The Cut to the Chase necklace is a great capsule piece that can be added to your wardrobe, perfect for everyday.

This piece has an 80cm chain, and a solid metal bar detail that helps break up basic/ plain coloured tops, great at drawing the eye downward or  layer with The Fine Line, and All Bar None Choker for a strong styled look. 




A bangin pair of hoops

There is something all powerful about wearing hoop earrings – right? These hoops are square finished and worn in stud style. They are excellent quality – not too heavy and certainly not too light!

Strong and bold, they are perfect for women who know who they are. 

Pair these hoops with the jacket butterfly and you have something special and unique.



A classic  bangle/bracelet

The Winding Road Bangle is a classic - one of the most simple styles you will ever own, but a fashionable and key piece for your everyday jewellery capsule. 

A circle of precious metal, without obtrusive clasps or catches - you will love how easy it is to wear.





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