Encouragement, Self-love, Kindness with Jessica-Anne from The Key Planner

Encouragement, Self-love, Kindness with Jessica-Anne from The Key Planner

We decided for Birthday month 2021 (March is The Mint Republic’s Birthday month!) 

We would seek out our favourite people who we believe embody our Republic Road muse characteristics (Reckless, Resolute & Resilient ) 

We wanted to speak positively to women and remind them just how amazing they are, that life is a journey and that you can be brave and yourself as you embark on that road.

 The last 12 months have been challenging year and though the dust is somewhat settled, self-love and kindness are super important tools to re-calibrate the mind, body and spirit. 


We asked these people to share with us some of your favourite affirmations/quotes or words of encouragement to hopefully help others when they are travelling an unknown road on life’s journey. 

Jessica Anne runs one of our favourite businesses… The Key Planner 

If you have ever needed some structure and planning to your days then her amazing tools are the best place to start. 

Not only are these planners attractive, they are the most useful tool for identifying areas in life that need more structure to create more success and enjoyment of the time you have - my favourite page is the HABIT Tracker….seriously good self accountability tool. 

Go check them out here or here….

Enjoy Jessicas words of wisdom 


What is your favourite quote? 

Quote by me: @jessicaannetv

Never doubt your uniqueness, your strength and value. You deserve every opportunity that comes your way to pursue your dreams and live the life your heart desires. Make your passion your paycheck. 

What are the words you  speak to yourself when you need to give yourself some love, kindness and encouragement?

Theme: Joy and laughter (I find laughter is a great medicine) 

I say:

I am an outrageously, joyful person. 

My joy level is increasing daily, and I have been created to experience the fullness of joy

Even in the midst of uncertainty, I live from a place of unshakable joy 

My joy levels do not depend on circumstances or how I feel. 

I love to laugh out loud, and I purposely do so frequently. 

I experience great joy in my life even before I see the breakthrough I believe for 

My joy and laughter are powerful. weapons of spiritual warfare and help create a breakthrough in my own life and the lives of those around me 

How do you encourage another when the road is a little bumpy? 

Act more joyful and enthusiastic than you feel - your emotions will soon catch up to your actions. Know that you are not "fake" in doing this - it is your true nature to be joyful 

Any other tips for self -love and kindness?

Take time out of your busy schedule each day and create "me time". Whether that's in a morning routine or taking breaks during the day to do something you love doing, that makes you feel happy.  

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