Encouragement, Self-love, Kindness with Tracey from The Remarkable Chocolate Co

Encouragement, Self-love, Kindness with Tracey from The Remarkable Chocolate Co

Continuing our Birthday month 2021 (March is The Mint Republic’s Birthday month!) theme

We spoke to some of our favourite people who we believe embody our Republic Road muse characteristics (Reckless, Resolute & Resilient ) 

We wanted to speak positively to women and remind them just how amazing they are, that life is a journey and that you can be brave and yourself as you embark on that road.

Tracey Melville-Smith has a sweet business. 

The stuff of childhood fantasies, Tracey founded The Remarkable Chocolate Co

Delicious, and sweet The Remarkable Chocolates will quickly become a little self care treat - the Chocolate Barks are an amazing addition to a platter and The Chocolate Box Gift Set is a beautiful chocolate gift to take to a dinner party. 

Go check out the Remarkable Chocolate Co here or here….

Enjoy Tracey's words xx

My favourite quote

I have had this saying since I left uni - there’s no such thing as LUCK - Luck stands for LABOURING UNDER CORRECT KNOWLEDGE = AKA Work Hard and keep learning.

The words I speak to myself when I need to give myself some love, or be kind to myself? 

You can’t do it all, just try your very very best and that’s all you can ever do or be asked to do.

How would I encourage another when the road is a little bumpy? 

Just keep moving forward the size of the step doesn’t matter and it's also ok to take a pit stop or wee rest here and there but then get up and keep moving.

Any other tips for self -love and kindness?

Act and behave in a way that you can be proud of - be generous when you can, and kind and friendly always - and like my mum always says courtesy costs nothing :P.

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