How to Care for the Jewellery You Love

How to Care for the Jewellery You Love

Our simple tips for caring for your Mint Republic pieces

As a jewellery lover, you will likely have invested in or been given some really special, beautiful jewellery since you began collecting quality pieces.

To truly get the best out of these pieces, it is vital that you look after them as best you can, and this will give your pieces far more longevity.

How often should you clean your jewellery?

Generally if you wear your jewellery regularly you may need to clean regularly also, but a lot of this depends on the type of piece, a ring for example may collect and be susceptible to the effects of dirt and grime, oils and products, whereas earrings may not, I tend to just run my eyes over my pieces, with my silver if it looks grimy, dark or not very shiny I know it’s time, with gold/rose gold or plated pieces I know it’s time to give these pieces some love when they are looking a little darker in tone or have a ‘brassy’ appearance.

Cleaning Your Jewellery

There are several ways you can clean and maintain your sterling silver, rhodium plated or gold/rose gold plated items, some include home cleaning methods, there are lots of pinterest tips on making up solutions etc but when exceptional formulated liquid dips and polishing cloths for both sterling silver and other precious metals are available from most jewellery stores, it is best to trust the experts right? 

After a long search over the years we have recently found a jewellery cleaner we really love here at The Mint Republic – Eco Friendly, and with everything you need to clean your pieces....  Little & Stone is now available at The Mint Republic!!

This cleaner is highly effective in removing tarnish and surface dirt from your jewellery, bringing it back to life.

Each pack includes 2 sachets of eco friendly NZ developed jewellery cleaner, a cleaning brush and polishing cloth – for just $26!

Please note that different types of jewellery should be cleaned using different methods.

Please follow the specific product instructions for best results, especially for use with precious/semi precious stones.

However we can assure you that any piece of jewellery that we have produced is cleaned exceptionally well, and safely if you use Little & Stone. 

In addition to home care, you can also see a jeweller who can professionally clean and assess your jewellery- especially important if you need stones checked etc. 

Most jewellers offer this service free or for minimal cost. 

Other Care Tips

When it comes to precious metal  jewellery it is always best to avoid wearing it in treated water, in particular, swimming pools and spas, as chlorine can damage your jewellery in a very short time, Where possible avoid contact with shampoos, perfumes or deodorants, hairsprays or household cleaning chemicals/abrasives also avoid rubber bands and high sulphur products or locations.

And remember the rule Last On – First Off, your jewellery should be the last thing you put on after makeup, fragrance, skin care routine and the first thing you take off. 

See our blog on where NOT to wear your jewellery here….see how many you are guilty of ;-)

By following these simple tips you will ensure your favourite pieces retain their lustre and longevity.

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